Buckingham Palace


Do you want to live in your own world? There is a movie theater, a swimming pool, a tennis court, an indoor playground, a church, a restaurant, and a helicopter descent. And if you have your own police, your own medical specialists and your own post office? This is not a beautiful dream or a fairy tale. It is not about a wonderland we are trying to praise. All the amenities are in Buckingham Palace, the queen’s residence. The 20 hectares garden around the palace houses some of the world’s most rare flowers and plants. The value of this palace exceeds one billion dollars. It is said to cost about $ 13 million a year to maintain.

Buckingham Palace is a four-storeyed building. There are 690 rooms here. There are more than 10,000 windows. Every room is cleaned daily. There are a lot of rooms here that have never been used. They have employed 100 workers to clean them. In addition, 100 other part-time workers have been assigned to clean up. It also houses the world’s finest library. Any rare or old book can be found there. Antique furniture, silverware, large medals, and cups are placed in these rooms. Cleaners should be careful not to dust any of those items on a daily basis. There are 300 wall clocks. Two employees are assigned to keep their timing always accurate.

Whether you believe it or not, there are 393 phones installed in the palace. Eight telephone keyboard operators have been deployed to direct calls. The silver items here weigh over a thousand tons. Two other workers have been assigned to keep them looking good.

We mentioned earlier that this palace has its own dedicated post office. It receives about 2,500 letters a day. A letter distributor has also been employed to make those letters available at each location in the palace. The distance he travels within the palace to deliver letters is about a kilometer.

The cost of cleaning the palace is $ 82,000 per year. The telephone bill exceeds $ 160,000 annually. Buckingham Palace receives almost every English newspaper and magazine that is published around the world and costs around $ 6,000 annually. The wine only costs $ 60,000 to use in a year at the palace. Other items are said to cost around $ 200,000. Around 350 people are provided with food and shelter free of charge.

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