To Adolescent Through Honey


Humans have been using honey since the earliest times. This is so ancient that ancient Stone Age painters painted a picture of a man-eating honey from a beehive on a cave wall in Valencia. Archaeologists have unearthed a 3,300-year-old honey bottle found in a royal tomb in ancient Egypt.

In the pyramids of Egypt, a papyrus, which had been placed in a pyramid, mentioned how to take honey and food. It specifically described the use of honey to heal wounds and to treat urinary disorders. In ancient times, Greek athletes drank water and honey daily to maintain their health and well-being.

Hippocrates, who was considered the father of Western medicine, used honey in all his medicines and also used honey as food. The use of honey allowed him to live for nearly one hundred and ten years. Pythagoras, who is considered the father of mathematics, is also said to have lived a long life because he also added honey to his diet.

Honey has long been regarded as the symbol of a wedding. Because of this, the practice of sprinkling bees on the newly wedded couple was common among the Romans.

An Egyptian bride had to offer the bride thirty-two pounds of honey at a wedding. The medicinal properties of honey were first discovered by the Romans in the West. After the British invasion, they fell in love with the honey. Almost everyone ate a large amount of honey. He lived a healthy, long life. They named it the British Honey Islands.

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