Latest information on new coronavirus spreading countries.


China has officially announced that the peak of the disease has begun today (12/03/2020), the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, with the number of cases reported in China now falling to 15. In the city of Hubei, the epicenter of the disease, there were only eight cases reported today. According to the available data 12/03/2020,
Total Number of Deaths – 3173
Total number of infections – 80980
Number of Healed – 62887

Italy was the first country in the world after China to spread the disease, and the Italian prime minister decided to shut down Italy completely to control the disease and only open up essential stalls and pharmacies. It also stated that persons who are against quarantine can be prosecuted on murder charges. According to data from Italy 12/03/2020,
Total number of deaths – 827
Total number of infections – 12462

According to personal data 12/03/2020 on the impact of the coronavirus in Iran, a Middle Eastern country.
Total number of deaths – 354
Total number of infections – 9000+

Denmark has decided to eliminate all schools and universities to curb the coronavirus infection. according to the data 12/03/2020
Total number of infections – 514


Photoes Credited – Pixabay
News by adaderana
Edition – Cheruni Gamage

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