Increase in infections and deaths worldwide


According to Johns Hopkins University (JHU) at the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), the number of infections and deaths worldwide has risen to 11.22 am today, 25/03/2020 As follows.

Number of infections – 423,121
Death toll – 18,919
Healed – 108,619


comparing with china more than twice the number of deaths has been reported in Italy since the beginning of the disaster. The information is as follows.

Also, the data for countries with more than 10,000 infections are as follows.

  • The United States has 55,231 cases, 801 deaths, and 354 cured.
  • The total number of spine infections was 42,058, with 2,991 deaths reported and 3794 cured.
  • Germany has reported 32,991 infections, 159 deaths, and 3,290 of cure.
  • Iran recorded 24,811 cases of death, 1,934 deaths, and 8,913 cured.
  • France has recorded 24,811 infections, 1,102 deaths and 3,288 cured reported.

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